Wednesday, September 10, 2014

This summer I baked!

This summer, I decided to work on creative frosting. In other words I want to know all about frosting and making it white and fluffy, frosting a cake with no crumbs, and finally to know all about frosting patterns. It was a success with almost every week baking a cake. The heat was so high somedays and I was thinking why did I came up with this crazy idea to bake during summer, but there is always little people who loved my baking. Licking the cake batter off of the spatula to taste testing and running around when I finished decorating a cake was heart warming to see and experience with my little girl. She wanted to frost a cake so much! I promised her that I will be helping her to achieve her little goal soon!

My favorite was the little sunflower that I frosted and decorated with simple frosting recipe. It was fun to see how everything came together! We are planning big for next spring with mini cakes to celebrate with tiny sandwiches which I feel like a long ways to plan. Our backyard welcoming summer was a huge success with our neighbors this past summer.

The hydrangea cake was definitely fun creating, May be next time I might work on covering the entire cake with little flowers. At the end  really liked how it turned out. Varigated frosting was a winner! It was an orange cake with strawberry preserve in the middle with almond flavored frosting! It was the most flavorful cake ever, I have to admit!

Finally the very first cake which includes transferring patterns was fun to make and frost. Little Nicolette was so confused which to eat first. Everyone enjoyed summer baking hopefully we will continue this into fall with few exceptions. Perhaps we will try to bake during weekend so it will be ready for the busy school nights!

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