Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Peach Chutney

When I get home from school on the days that I don't have to go to night classes, I enjoy the time with everyone at home with a quick snack. It is rewarding to open a bottle of jam or chutney to spread on a toasted english muffin or a slice of bread. 

Stepping into my second year as a much season canner and understanding the elements of canning has push me to explore the possibilities with canning and pickling throughout the year. 
My goal this year is to push the boundaries to do more canning towards the late winter, that would be great to have to stove on during cold winter months. Perhaps watch the snow fall with few jars of canning on hand would be an ideal snow day. 

This summer feeling the new territory of chutney making is extremely satisfying to me and to close friends who gets to enjoy them. Some are new to chutney embraced it with new taste buds. When I was a teenager, my mum took me to a christmas party of her friend. I tried chutney for the very first time with pork and to this day I remember that moment. 

However, American chutney tends to gravitate towards more sweeter side of my taste buds, but I do crave for Sri Lankan chutney. I might work more with chutney making next year to create something closer to Sri Lankan palette.  

This is my very first attempt to make peach chutney, I have to admit spices cooked in harmoniously with peaches makes this a very desirable chutney to enjoy with pork chops. I took one of these to the camping trip and it was the star during snacking. I followed the canning queen Marisa’s recipe. I would certainly add more heat to this on the next round of chutney making. 

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