Thursday, September 4, 2014

Camping August 2014

This summer we did a bit of local traveling as spouse to international. We decide to do that due to many reasons. However, at the end I am glad that I made that decision because I needed it more than anyone in our family. Our camping trip to Vermont was super fun! We enjoyed every bit of it. 

I was so happy that my children had company to do what they want to mainly Nicolette had fun with her friends. I had couple of drinks every night with really good company. 

It was educational with the right amount of amusement for every one, we learned how cheese is made at Cabot cheese factory and how Ben & Jerry makes sweet ice cream, matter of fact we were there twice! It was very educational and inspiring. 

We were adventurous to kayak to Jasper Island after lunch, I wish I had hiking shoes, then we would definitely miss dinner. We enjoyed kayaking back although it was tiring our arms, mainly me compiling to my oldest. 

Burlington, Vermont has so much to offer, community gardens, breath taking beautiful lakes, earth clock, and so much healthy food.

Our favorite was The Spot for breakfast it was neat place! I want to say 2014 summer was a blast! I am so sad it is coming to an end. 

I will be making a 2015 summer bucket list soon!

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