Monday, September 15, 2014

Best Potato Salad Ever!

Summer makes me not want to cook, mainly because the heat gets into me. Past few weeks have been crazy here over MA. it was a great change to use to clear the refrigerator and make few cold dishes my son and I always find ways to eat cold food. I bought a bag of red skin potatoes few weeks back and wanted make sure that I use all. 

i like potato salad made with redskin potatoes because it adds a beautiful color to the dish. After spending few hours in the net I was able to narrow the dish to few recipes. Funny thing is I like few ingredients in one and I did not like some in the other. 

Usually what happen in a situation like this is I create my own with mix of recipes. It was the birth of our potato salad add one more thing I was able to clear out few almost empty bottles from the refrigerator as well and it is always a plus making space!  

We loved it so much I could not take any pictures of the potato salad because it was gone, we were too hungry to control ourselves to take few pictures of the potato salad on a dish, kind of sad. 

However, I was able to capture the process of making the salad you could see the dressing minus the redskin potatoes.

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