Saturday, December 29, 2012

What I Won last month...

Yes, I won a price from the “Fashionable Fabrics” which was featured on “My Bit of Earth”. I ordered some more I love fabric and an avid collector. However, I am determine during this year to add some quilts for the family and the TV room. 

I have my eyes on some really cute doll quilts that I would like to make for little Nicolette. That remind me of another project that I need to work on. I am eager to get my hand son these beautiful prints.

These precut fabric could be fin to work with. I am looking forward to work on some really cute projects. The red and white printed fabric is so cute and the big bold floral print is adorable. I cannot wait to start these projects.  

Tiny red riding hood fabric is out of this world. It is so cute. I have bought few things for myself this holiday to embark on projects with fabric. I just have to see how to balance all and keep the sanity!


  1. You picked out some amazing stuff--can't wait to see the end result!

  2. I hope I can make something soon...