Thursday, December 13, 2012

Merry Christmas...

This is really ironic, I did not grew up with christmas trees but we knew friends and families who celebrated the magical holiday. I even went to school with a nun to study about Montessori. I remember in some occasions i would go to the church and study with the nun or complete our work. I did look forward for this, because they had so much order in the church every nun had a responsibility/duty to perform. 

I enjoy having lunch and evening tea at the church because it was always so beautiful. When we move to US I learned about a bunch of holidays that I was not exposed to in Sri Lanka.

Now, I mark this magical holiday with no family ties but for the mere joy of celebrating it with my children. My son, sells the Christmas trees for his troop. We bought our tree from his troop and decided to hang decorations. Little Nicolette had her own almost pink Christmas tree and was elated with JOY! I overheard that she did not want to got to school even though no one is at home. I caught her staring at her tree in her room. I am a Buddhist but we enjoy this Holiday with joy!

We do not have a traditions set forth. This started with a small tree during my first couple of years of teaching and I decorated these two trees every year ever since, perhaps I might have skiped this tradition for couple of years due to moving and so forth. Any ideas for stocking stuffers... for a teenager.