Friday, December 28, 2012

Holiday Gifts and Canning...

This Holiday I embraced the good life in canning. I purchased the whole nine yards last Summer. But, I did not had much growth in our yard to can. I was not sure that I could take on canning the fruits. 

I was mesmerized by our neighbors canning abilities and continues to help her this past Summer. I was drawn towards the weck canning jars, I guess towards the beauty of the simple mason jar and the fastening mechanism. I felt like I spend a fortune for them. 

This Holiday with my buzzing schedule I decided to make a Sri Lankan pickle to share with my new staff members at school. I embraced the idea and started to make my first batch. It was a success with the help of my neighbor and with few friends. I could not can the entire batch due to liquid requirement. My pickles did not had much liquid but it was delicious. The ones which did not can was consumed entirely by the family members. 

I was able to hide a little bit for myself! I might work on this project this summer for gift giving. 

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