Friday, December 28, 2012

Holiday Baking...

It was a whirlwind at my house this year baking the holiday goodies. I felt so good to share the bounty with friends and neighbors. I baked a handful of variety of cookies this holiday. One of the special request was to bale oatmeal cookies with no chocolate chip cookies from my oldest. 

Little one will munch anything sweet that she can lay her hands around. However she was was a great help this year from mixing ingredients to baking little tiny cookie balls. She was happy to be around her moma and help around. She was also thrilled to offer the cookies to neighbors around the block. Little Nicolette refused to take afternoon naps during the holiday baking. 

 We made some awesome tarts including key lime, almond, and lemon. Our little plates looks very festive this holiday with all of our busy schedule. At the end it feels so good to SHARE!.


  1. The tarts look delicious! I love citrus goodies around the holidays--I think it goes well with all the chocolate!