Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Planning ahead...

In order to get few things in the house I need to be organized. How I accomplish that by planning ahead as much as I can. I plan my meals on Friday night, get them prepared if possible on Friday if not on Saturday. Sometimes the cooking can take over some of my time and energy. The meal plan includes a wide variety from pizzas, pastas, curries, soups to some Asian dishes.

Lately I have been cooking Salmon as a Sri Lankan curry dish. It has been a quaint a dish in our household. Additionally, I have been cooking chicken and some other vegetables as well.

I have to admit, I love coming home to a meal after work. I usually unwind with a cup of tea or for an early dinner.

How do you plan your weeks menu... I would love to hear.



  1. Pinterest! If I could use it for nothing else, I would still insist on my meal planning board. P.S. Your curry looks delicious. That's one thing we almost never eat at home, simply because I've never been very good at making it.