Sunday, November 4, 2012


It is the season for this wonderfully soft fabric. The fabric stores are loaded with this beautiful super cozy fabric. I was motivated to make cowls. However, I do not think I originated this idea. I am sure there are zillion patterns out in the web. But this is my idea and I kept few practical things in my mind. The age of the child wearing and the activity level of the child. 

This cowl originated with these principals. I wanted to have a few in my hand so little Nicolette can be cozy outside when she play in her school with style. 

I wanted it to be a little loose so she can move it around instead it been so snuggly against her skin. This fabric could get warm I was afraid she might not want to wear them at all. If she is running around she could get warm pretty quickly. 

I decided to make them a little bigger so she can manipulated her cowl when she wants to instead of she taking the whole thing off. Now it is light and airy but definitely keeps her neck and chest area warm. 

The fabric patterns can drive a person crazy. I could not decided what I want luckily the time factor was on my side so I had to narrow down my choices. I picked these for my trial lot. I am planning to make more of these. Could be very cute gift during holiday season. 

Little Nicolette was happy to model... 

My temporary cowl alternative until I get my fingers wrapped in yarn... then its another story....