Monday, January 27, 2014

Week night dinner...

Back to school means more time at work and at school. In other words less time prepping food more time with family as much as possible. How do you keep it together, answer is more planning less shopping. More meals to make at home, this works great because there is always leftover. 

Getting protein for a family of three and one vegetarian could be a challenge, because you do have to make sure the vegetarian get some form of protein as well. I am still working on my self getting protein. 

Past weekend I was able to gather four bags of meat with marinade for week nights, and hopefully we might consider something light in between these nights, that would accommodate the vegetarian with a healthy protein the entire family can enjoy more to come on this. 

This was a fairly simple project, which my teenager was able to help me to assemble it. Meat could be enjoy with bean rice and a salad. 

As we ran out of store bought marinate for a one batch of meat. We decided to come up with our own. We will let you know if it is family approved on a later post. 

It is a big relief to know dinner is all set for five nights!


  1. Isn't it so nice to come home and have dinner started already? :)

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  3. Yes, so true, and get to bed early...