Tuesday, January 21, 2014

More Projects for winter

Cold months offer enough opportunities to catch up, un-finish projects, read under cozy blankets, read to kids, play, learn, bake and many more. 

Few things that I wanted to accomplish during holidays and before school starts were to watch a CD about on language. More about improving myself towards teaching, in other words professional development on a budget this year! I have done a great job, by noticing some windows to join in for free classes. This CD has been sitting on my table from last summer so it is time to get this out of the way.

Knitting, has been a challenge to me recently, simply due to timing. I love to knit during winter months, because it keeps my hands warm. I received this wonderful cowl pattern from a friend and cannot wait to work on it!

I might consider using two yarns together as oppose to one. Knitting could be very therapeutical depending on the project. I cannot wait to begin this project more to come!

Nicolette been a bit older, I like to plan and play activities with her more now. This takes away chunk of my time but I enjoy every bit of it!

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