Monday, January 6, 2014

Cooking Turkey a Quicker way...

I enjoy baking a stuff turkey during Thanksgiving but that’s about it. I am not a turkey person; however, this year during November holiday, I told Panduka, We could cut the cooking time almost in half if we cut the turkey before cooking. Of course their would be no carving at the table. 

Well, there was a bit of carving involved, when you bake a cut up turkey.

I love this recipe which uses onions, apples, and maple syrup. You cannot go wrong with that combination. It did smell great while baking. I used same recipe that I would use for stuff turkey but I did cut the turkey into pieces. We cooked it in less time and according to kids it tasted great! There is no change in taste, but I did brine the turkey and that goes a long way. 

I used few sprigs of sage, and thyme. It looks so yummy. I simply served it with mashed potatoes.  

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