Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Layering effects “Spring Garden”

Some plants are making a statement in this tiny garden of ours, I love how the Clematis is peeking through the Hydrangeas. I am happy to see some of the moves we have had created with plants last year have offered space, to new growth this year. The beauty of Johnny Jump ups could overtake everything. The reseeding of this beautiful plant is breathtaking. Its reseeding process takes a more natural approach than me planting. I get excited discovering this plant in unusual places in our garden.

Iris has taken a slow growth, but not too shy to show off the beautiful blooms which blends in with the theme! I keep saying to myself I am not going to buy any more plants but ends up buying every time I see them. This is it no more. Plan is take care what I have this year. 


  1. That clematis is beautiful! I've never grown it myself, but we recently took one to the Kiddo's school and I can't wait to see it in full flower.

  2. This year it bloomed and I was amazed by its beauty...