Friday, June 28, 2013

Hello Summer...

Its a long overdue... I have not visited this space which I have created; due to many reasons. I have been busy and also taking a personal break I needed it. I hope to blog as much as possible this summer. 

I love digging and creating in my garden. My garden is something I have to admit that I cannot give up. There is so much growth and new creations this year. Adding a lavender patch was my dream. I really hope that it will thrive in this spot. I have to add pictures of that soon. 

During this month I created this bouquet of flowers with the help of my neighbors peonies. I used few chive blossoms to add a whimsy to this. Its was lovely to have these inside. It helps me to slowdown and admire the nature's creations and it creates a calmness inside me. 

I finished my school year of teaching and I enjoyed it very much. Spending time with children has always inspired me to create MORE!

It feels great to be back in this space...



  1. I love these photos, too. The little blurriness around the edges is very pretty.

  2. Thanks, I love that look as well