Saturday, May 11, 2013

A Robin’s nest

We have a Robin’s nest on our front entrance rhododendron tree. I was excited to see the movement on the front yard when we were mulching our beds. It was interesting to watch how the Robin work to build it nest.

After building it it lays still for hours without much movement. Only leaves to get food and sits on her eggs entire day is amazing. We tried to keep the window shade closed for its security. We have avoided using the front door as much as possible to minimize the traffic. 

Little Nicolette is very much interested in watching the Mama bird but there is no papa bird involved in this at all. 


  1. I love watching little bird nests in the spring. All our robins put their nests too high. Are their babies yet? Or just eggs still?

  2. I don't know may be I shoud take a peak but I have to find a time when mama is not around and my littleone is no where close to peak... I am a bit concern.