Friday, February 22, 2013


Little note cards and post it notes get stuck in the physical mailbox at work. I have been pondering on this for a while how to make elegant invitations for everyday activities. This was in my to do list for a long time. I decided to work on it by simply stamping them. 

I love to get hand written notes in my mailbox. The idea of someone taking the time to write a note is a luxury in the society we live now. I know I have fit in to this society with connivence on many occasions complaining who has the time to write “thank you” cards e- cards are great! But there is a side of me waiting for those hand written notes and cards. 

Here are some samples of cards I have been working lately. 



  1. Love them! I'm so horrible about keeping a stash on hand--I think maybe I'm repeating myself there--but these would be easy enough, perhaps....

  2. They are... once you get them going...