Monday, August 6, 2012

Comfort Food...

I use to make mac and cheese out of the box. I guess that is how we all start one point certain foods. For me mac and cheese was from a box was a big help to plan my meals. My son loved to eat this when growing up. 

Well I know better now. I make my mac and cheese from scratch not the pasta. Perhaps one day I will give it a try, to make pasta out of scratch. I found this recipe to make mac and cheese from here

Since then I have been hooked on this. We make this and I refrigerate it for kids not very often but for a change. This is definitely comfort food to me at least in our household. 

The only change I did was to add thyme. I love this herb so much it just adds a sweet smell. 
Quote of the day “ drink your tea slowly"


  1. I bet that's delicious with the fresh thyme!

  2. I LOVED it with FRESH thyme...

  3. Hello friend--

    I LOVE my yellow mobile!!!!! I can't wait to hang it and take pictures!! THanks again.

  4. I can't wait to see your little one...