Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Roses… I was not ready to say goodbye…

These are from a flower bouquet that I received for my B’day. I was not ready to throw these guys. However the whole bouquet was ready to retire. I threw all the greens and kept the roses.

As I was cleaning dead stinky greenery corner of my eye stopped at the milk vases that was sitting on the floor. Just like a light bulb went off… I decided to have my roses in my newly claimed milk vase.
I made roses into ball shape arrangement and placed a rubber band close to head of the ball. Then I placed the stems on the cutting board and cut them really short.

Finally played with it a little bit to arrange it more eye pleasing manner. Placed the flowers in the vase on my dining table and enjoyed during dinner.

Quote of the Day “create a routine that soothe the soul"



  1. oh, that turned out so good! Who would of thunk that could be such a perfect flower vase! I hate that flowers never last!

  2. I love roses and I try to keep them around as long as possible as well...the arrangement just keeps going shorter and smaller till every last rose is gone.

    Thank you so much for visiting me on my SITS day and for your very sweet comment.