Monday, October 31, 2011

Bird watching…

We have been working hard this summer cleaning our yard. Good news is we can see our property line before we couldn’t it was an overgrowing mess. Thanks to every one Panduka and Niegel we have been working like crazy to clean up the yard.

I have been working in the backyard; along the property line cleaning we had several forsythia bushes. Since we wanted to maintain a small flowering garden we have control the growth of the forsythia bushes. At least for the time we like to think that we have control the forsythia bushes.

Now that we have done most of our planting the bulbs as well; things are looking good. I meant yard looks much cleaner. Since I have done planting and beds are not fully covered, I meant with mulch the soil is exposed. We are blessed with a lot of worms in our land hope this is a good thing.

When I was doing my dishes I saw group of birds. Of course with much excitement I went and grab my camera and started taking pictures. I stayed inside afraid to go outside thinking the group of birds will fly away. I took some pictures from inside I do apologize for the clarity of the pictures but I hope you can see them and spot them. There were cardinal, woodpeckers, and finches and many more that I had no clue I have couple of books about birds I would love to get them out soon.

I was simply elated with flock of birds visiting our backyard and digging for worms…

Quote of the day “a 20 minute meditation can help you see things afresh"


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