Wednesday, October 19, 2011

My New Finds…

Well I promised to myself that I am going to go to few garage sales. Guess what my first one happened to be this FALL. I found my first milk glass collection for $2.00. Yes, it was a deal I could not resist. One of the reasons I was looking for vases was I do not like fake flowers any more. I am done with them.
I have work so hard this summer preparing my garden I would love to bring in some flowers that I have planted.

I am making small changes, the humongous crystal formal vases I have are great… I hardly use them… but I wanted few dainty vases to show few flowers natural flowers on display. Reason one is I might not have a huge harvest of flowers this year may be later… so I can use my formal vases.
I was making room in my nest as I have plenty of room… remember our new old tiny house… with a fairly big garden.
Reason number two is the antique value in these vases. These vases go back all the way to 16th century. They are so many versions and many years they have come back. They do not go out in style. This may be one factor I think they are fairly low in price for the antique value.

However I am happy with my first purchase paid really a very low price for these guys… Can’t wait till spring to load these little containers with pretty flowers… Do you bring flowers in-doors, if so how would you arrange them to add some character to your décor?

Check back in my next post how to do just that…

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  1. Lovely! I'm so jealous, that was quite a score you got there! Maybe I need to start a milk glass collection... mmm....