Monday, February 8, 2010

Poncho & a Hat

I wanted to make this Poncho because I was inspired by a Mom at the Library. So I went all the nine yards to make this one. I bought the fleece and cut a hole started to stitch using the blanket stitch. Then I wanted to make yo-yo’s and add it to this project. I kept stretching my ability to create.
Initially I just wanted to make the Poncho, since I take my little one thrice a week to local library to story time it’s been a hassle to get her in and out of her jacket four times a day including the drop off her big brother at school.
Of course I loved her fleece Poncho idea. It took couple of days but I also knitted a hat to go with it and incorporated some fun fabric ideas. Yes, I am a mixing media gal; I used tulle, button and fabric with this hat. I loved it!
Hope whoever takes a peak on this blog would like this project.

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