Thursday, February 18, 2010


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I have to admit, I am now officially addicted to knitting hats can’t wait to discover the beauty of knitting baby sweaters… I know eventually I will get there. Any way after posting the first smile box of all the hats I have been busy knitting, went back to my needles to knit some more hats. I finally thought I will post another smile box of my baby knitted hats. So here we go again with my second smile box of baby hats.

I have slow down a little bit now but I feel like I want to learn something new every day so I always run to my knitting needles. I don’t think I have ever wasted 50% coupons from the local craft store I am there all the time hitting sales to get the best deals with needles and yarn.

Now I like to upgrade my yarn but it can get so expensive I guess the labor and quality speaks value. I am surfing the net to get better deals with quality yarn all the time. I guess some interest can get very expensive…

I still think this is better and keeps me occupy all the time by making that statement I have to admit my daughter has more hats than anyone else in this block. Well her head and ears were very warm this winter of 2009 and so as my older one…

I am slowly venturing to knit boys hats specially TEENAGE did you notice the capitalization… being a teenage a is different than being a parent of a teenager I don’t know how my parent’s handle me but this is for me a certainly a learning curve… I would say… attitude… language… respect… responsibilities… commitments…. I don’t know where to stop… I can type up a never ending list but I am doing the best I can.
All I can say I work hard to raise a responsible, law abiding, loving & kind citizen… I don’t think I am demanding too much… K, enough of that… Silence is a refuge and a teacher in some occasions ha… ha…


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