Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Easy sewing project ...

Nicolette enjoys going to the local fabric store with me, now that she can
voice out her tastes and likes, she has been asking me to sew a dress. 
I have been playing around this idea since I am not very good at dress 
making for her and honestly you can buy a dress for few bucks compare to the 
amount of time that I have to spent making one. That been said and I had 
created a skirt for her previously. I decided to take on the challenge
with a super easy project which was to sew her a pre smocked dress.

She wanted Disney, I was able to create her the dress she wanted in less
than half an hour, she was super excited, and loved her dressed very

Not only she was excited, but did posed for me to take few pictures. She
loves it very much and the cost for the entire project was less than $15.00. 
Including pants, which I did not sew but bought at Target for just under
$4.00 not a  bad project to complete in half an hour.
Happy child and a very easy project.  

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