Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Planting Garlic… because simply now is the time…

I enjoy reading art of doing stuff… she has a great humor but she does the work with all the details you can think and imagine of. The person behind this beautiful creative blog is Karen who lives in Canada. Yesterday she literary kick me out of my bed with my little one to plant garlic and we did!

As you know I take any excuse to plant in my yard we were happy and lucky we did have some garlic in the refrigerator.

I know they are not organic or from the farmers market. They were the garlic from the regular grocery store. Little Nicolette was watching me what I am doing separating all the garlic and placing them in the cereal bowl.

We took them outside and decided to plant them among the bulbs and the perennials who know who will get lucky the bulbs, perennials, or the garlic we are to find out this spring.

Since she has the practice planting bulbs we decided to dig the ground to make some holes mine are not pretty as Karen but you get the idea. Fun part of this project is this could be a kid friendly activity to talk about many aspects of planting.

We did not see any worms but I do know I have ton in my garden… my question is do they smell garlic?

Quote of the Day “be a beginner"



  1. Exciting! We want to plant garlic, too, to get the scapes for garlic scape pesto, which is amazing!

  2. If I knew where to put it, I would plant garlic too today. But we only moved to this house this past summer and the garden is still in the designing stage. However, my dad sent me some 200 tulip bulbs for my birthday so I really should get those in the ground this week.

    Happy SITS Day! Enjoy the comment love today.

  3. I have planted garlic before...very easy and efficient. So much fun...plant today...then a surprise next year!

    -Leaza in Denver