Monday, November 7, 2011

Happy Cake...

I struggle with little Nicolette on Friday’s she has got into this routine to bake with me on Friday’s. Part that I struggle really is making healthy choices for myself and my family.

Well Nicolette thinks we have to bake every Friday I love it after a crazy week of school and other work. Baking is definitely a very productive way to unwind. I find baking sometimes could be therapeutic depending how your little one wants to help during the whole baking process.

I remember the very first time we baked together when Panduka came home Nicolette was quiet happy to show off the cake and enjoy it with the whole family.

Yes, she is learning the values of enjoying and sharing food with family. This act brings everyone together at the table, unwind, look upon the day we spent, and perhaps to create memories.

Well, here is a recipe I found from here that we love very much, I learned how to make the ribbons needs more practice, cake was delicious. I am looking ways to make changes small changes in food we share at our table, which we have come together to love & be thankful…

Quote of the Day “Live like a child"



  1. Such a pretty ruffle cake! Baking together seems like a wonderful way to bond with your child on a regular basis!

  2. got me! I am a food FREAK! That cake looks amazing! I make sure I include my son in my baking time as well. Problem is...he wants to bake all the time now lol... I suppose there could be worse things for him to want. =) Thanks for sharing this cake! I can't wait to try it! And congratulations on your SITS day again Sharm!! =)

  3. How lovely that she wants to do this with you regularly! Although I can see how it would add to your struggle to eat healthier, I still think it's a lovely routine to have with your daughter! Enjoy!

    {{ stopping by from SITS }}