Saturday, January 23, 2010

With a big sigh I am getting cozy on the bed to write something about my handmade gifts… It reminds me of a cat who is trying to find a spot to sit by turning/walking or around the same spot, yes I am like a cat even though I am not a very big cat lover. This long winter months are sometimes driving me crazy. I have been hooked with this knitting I have not done any of my scrapbook projects and I am just sitting and knitting while doing all the chores.
I have to admit I love taking my little one to the library it’s great to watch all the little kids running around, listening, singing along with the librarian I think she is doing an amazing job even though I personally like to listen to a book read by Michelle Pfeiffer for some reason her voice can take me to different world. I always wonder she will be a great kids book reader she has all that Jazz to read books. I love her voice it has something to catch you…
But the local library has been heaven for me and my little one she loves it. She enjoys the part sharing toys… She watches children taking toys from the basket, slowly approach them trying to make eye contact or to play by side. Either way she keeps herself pretty engaged. This allows me to pick books sometimes for her. Now it’s been a routine to read a book every day. Just one book same book over and over again. We both enjoy our reading time it’s a break for me from whatever I am doing some times it could be cooking, cleaning, knitting you name it anything but I drop everything and read to her. I love all the books for little ones the pictures and the stories are just simply wonderful. One day I want to write something too for the younglings but I don’t know about what… it will come when it’s time.
It was a fairly warm afternoon today it was great to see the sun shine it was low 40 but felt great I evened switched the heavy down jacket to my fleece and was comfortable. I can literally burry myself in books I not only love reading books I love making projects, learning through them. I spend some time at the local bookshop since there is no school tomorrow older one can also spend some time at the store, I know it’s a big treat for him because he loves to read books too. I guess he got that from me.
Well I bought two more books about knitting I have almost finished all the projects from the hat book running out of ideas but still like to create. One book still gives me ideas to create hats which I am looking forward to do and the other book by the same author has cool things/toys which I came to love. It’s been a challenge to adjust to the new authors writing style and following patterns but I hope to catch up soon though.
I love this hat because it has some character…
Making hats are my favorite items but I kind of enjoy making sweaters too but it has to have something like incorporating buttons or ribbons.

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