Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Our Vegetable Patch...

I remember three years ago I started our own patch of vegetable garden. It was a raised bed and I frantically plated everything I can in a 4 x 6 feet space. Well, it was an experiment but a successful one and that year we had so much tomatoes but not much beets. I recall I would clip few beet greens to cook and that’s about it. Since then we have expand our growing space one foot at a time. I have had successes and failures during this three years but in all I have learned a lot. 
This tiny bit of raised bed had taught me a great deal from feeding my family to preserving food. I have reduced my trips to grocery store and made conscious decisions what I put in my children’s food. I have also integrated their little hands and young ideas in implementing in our vegetable patch. 
We have reduced the weight of our trash can by adding much to the compost. This little raised bed let us explore the idea of backyard chickens which in return made our compost the best by adding chicken coop waste. We learned nothing goes to waste is a TRUE concept not a myth. Our left over vegetables goes to chickens and in return we make less trips to the local feed store. I am adamant about cutting down my visits to the Midwest cornfield. Again there is a lot to learn about how corn could end up everything we eat and the food industry in the US. 
This summer I panted broccoli, green beans, parsley, sage, thyme came back from last year, swiss chard, and many more. I have already clipped my herbs for cooking, and harvested green beans twice. Chickens are fed with fresh green every day. At the end of the day I feel happy about this tiny edible raised bed of our!


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