Sunday, July 19, 2015

Ladies and Chiks...

Our little chicks are no longer little chicks. They are getting bigger and yes I am certain I have two roosters.  One Plymouthrock and a RhodeIsland Red but I have still not figured where to pack them hope to find a petting zoo soon. I am a bit disappointed with the whole drama. The local feed shop did guaranteed 99.9% they are hens so you do the math. Last year feed shop owner sold three hundred hens and there were three roosters but the irony is this year I bet she sold the sameamount or little more but I have got two roosters from that batch. From a total of six chicks which I purchased early spring. Well I got that 0.1% well protected in our coop. 

That being said most of them seems to getting along with each other. Bright side of this story is we will be having two less from the six. I initially wanted only two more extra hens so they could be cosy during winter. Older girls like to hang together leaving the younger group alone basically but they seems to be content together as well. Occasional pecking from older girls are hard not to notice. Placing a pecking block has somewhat reduced pecking at each other and constant distraction from gander bounty keep them all check and happy!

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