Tuesday, April 14, 2015


It was wicked busy weekend, I drove across town to get grocery, to apple store, to bookstore, had lunch out, bought few things for myself, and got my toes painted that was Saturday. Yes, it was that busy and the weather was so nice. 

I had lost my water bottle which I take to gym and was a bummer. I had to get a new water bottle because it impossible to spin for one hour without a water break. Then I spend way too much money at the store for a dress and a small bottle of perfume. Both made in the US and organic and I just couldn’t say no. it was a good cause, and I will probably where the dress many times this summer. 

I planted my garden this weekend as well. We still need to get the tomatoe plants but all the other seeds are in just waiting for the rain. 

I ordered organic seeds last Fall and matter of fact I can’t find any.I am sure I have kept them safe somewhere in the house. Although the second order came in I am super excited to plant them. This winter I got use to swiss chard which I have come to love very much. I was eager to plant those seeds because I know I will be using them a lot.

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