Monday, April 21, 2014

Beginning of Spring!

I usually don't write about my cover pic, but I love how our garden is coming to life. 

The garden is busy shooting up new shoots, can’t wait to see what have survived in our garden after this long winter. I am officially on my spring break and finally feels like spring. I saw my crocuses are finally coming up. They are tiny but so cute! 

Row of bulbs are making its way to the warm weather. The mix of spring bulbs in this corner could bring some color to our garden. I guess its time to fly garden colors. Time to change the flag finally. I wanted more of a natural look in this area, I guess a bit more bulbs can change it this fall. 

Spring weather brings in many chores to garden, and I am happy to have few seeds under dirt to get a heads start. Many Aliumes are making its way. I love those beautiful flowers. I was surprise to see some of the spring violets are in bloom in my garden this past weekend. 

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