Monday, March 24, 2014

Vernal Pools

I was happy to take a break from all things happening and tuck away a precious time with my daughter to discover nature. We both went to presentation on wetlands in other words on vernal pools. It was very informative for both of us. We are planning to go again in two weeks time so we can really listen to wonders of nature. We learned so much that vernal pools are ideal temporary locations for amphibians and reptiles. These pools could dry out completely during summer and some might retain water if it has a thick cover above it. Tuck in thick woods.When it dries out completely, animals move up -land to make their homes and come back when they are adults to lay eggs. 

We saw few of vernal pools in the Middleboro area, and it was still covered with snow but it was so neat. We are at the tale end of our winter and some might not join me on that comment, depending on this winter we are experiencing. We have had really a long winter and we are still calling snow for this Tuesday and Wednesday.
I took advantage of sudden change in the temperature from low 30 degrees to upper 59 degrees and enjoyed the wetland presentation and the walk in the woods and learned a lot. Additionally, on a side note I was highly impressed with bunch of home schoolers, and  how enthusiastic they were to learn about vernal pools. We did not had any instruments or tools to explore pools but it was fun. I truly believe learning is fun!

We learned about so many amphibians and few reptiles which are native to MA, like Fowlers’s Toad, Marble Salamander, Black silver snake, and many frogs that I could not keep track of. I am highly motivated to have few frog eggs in my class so children could see the development. 

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