Monday, March 17, 2014

Blueberry Muffins

Little Nicolette loves to have bake goodies at home. She loves to help me to make them when possible. Opportunity to bake with her is always fun. Her measuring skills are getting better and coordination has improved a lot. From getting ingridients to seriously taking part in assembling the final product has become her favorite part of the weekend. I am planning to do more during the coming weeks. 

Lately, going to starbucks has become a habit. I wanted to take control over. When I go to coffee shop I had to buy a treat for little one too. I wish many times I am preppared with a afternoon snack when I  pick her up. I am getting better but it does take effort. Past few weeks I have been cutting fruits and placing them in containers so she could have something on the way home. 

She loves the blueberry muffing at the coffee shop and the morning buns. This was a great recipe I found and they were delicious everyine enjoyed them. This summer we will be freezing some of the blueberries from the local farm. 

We save the blueberry muffins for this week more baking adventures to come soon

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