Thursday, July 14, 2011

Happy B’day Niegel…

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Yes, we had a small B’day gathering for my son who turned thirteen this summer. I cannot believe he is growing like a weed. I sometimes wonder who is this young man living with us where is my little boy. I do see my little boy sometimes appearing in this young man’s body… I guess we all went through this at one point.

We work hard to bring up responsible young adults… I guess that’s what mothers do… we worry on every little thing. I try to let him take responsibilities Niegel learn some challenging lessons during this school year, survived another moving(thank goodness it’s the same town, no school changing).

He did great; actually he helped me a lot during this move. I am thankful and grateful to my son who has helped me in every way. In our new old house with no air conditioning he asked me to bake. I know but I cannot refuse to bake his favorite lemon tart how I could do that to him on his B’day. So I did… It was hot, my first day of summer school second session.
He wanted soda, lemon tart, ice cream cake, salt water candy, liquorish, and pizza… we had a great time. Niegel was happy have his only grandmother present at his thirteenth B’day. We would be going to Border’s a lot to spend his fun Borders gift certificates.

He later thanks me for giving him a great B’day party and baking the lemon tart. I wanted to cry… but I was happy that he was grateful for little things… and not takes it as granted…

Quote of the Day “reacquire the courage of a child”



  1. Thanks for visiting... hope you enjoy the Potato Salad/Cucumber Discs! It's funny, isn't it, how some days when they're young seem to drag by but it seems like then you blink and a couple of years are already gone! What a special day you had for your son. He sounds like he's becoming a very well-mannered young man, thoughtful and kind. :)

  2. Thanks for the comments... I cannot believe he is growing fast...I do agree with you about that