Monday, July 25, 2011

Easy step to update your entryway....

This summer I thought I am not going to plant at all somehow this attitude changed with our new old house. I have planted impatience before at our VA house; I might say I got it as a gift from my neighbor which I enjoyed very much.

It came in a bag and I hung it outside on the fence by the shade… I learned that it does not thrive in full sun through my friend.
This summer I decided to add some impatience to two big plastic pots I had which is ready to phase out due to use. This may be the last year we are using these pots we will see at the end of the season how they have done.

I was very happy with the results… it add some color to house and some character to our entryway. They were a variegated variety. I always try to work with something I have not used before because that will add to my collection as well as it will enhance the appearance to what I have…

What are your container garden successes that you had this summer … I would love to hear…

Quote of the day “have patience”


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