Wednesday, June 24, 2015


Sorry for the long absent. Summer school, classes for little Nicolette, and everything in-between is kind of getting in the way of posting. The best is to at least begin with one or two post to get back in the swing of posting. It is easier to begin with garden because I manage to poke my head outside twice a day if not more than that. Many changes, first chicks are growing up like weeds I mean literally like weeds. 
We have a bunny family visiting us every evening and I am bit skeptical about the entire thing. I enjoy their view now and then. My neighbor told me to keep a bowl of garden leftover on a side so they won't eat my green beans. 
Lavender hedge has grown a bit and always busy with butterflies and bees. I harvested some this year. I have to find ways to use them. 


  1. Hi Sharmila! Its been a long time..hope you are well. My kids' summer vacation started and I am attempting some gardening with them this time around. Will be checking in here periodically for support :) Enjoy summer!

  2. Hi Vinma, Thanks, yes i will try my best to do some posting this summer about happenings in our garden. Enjoy your summer as well. Glad to hear from you.